Product Designer. Ui/Ux designer

Константин Киргинцев

Hello, my name is Konstantin Kirgintsev and I am Ux/Ui designer. Solid background in web and mobile application design. Best practice experience oriented in B2B SAAS software for large companies worldwide.

2019 - 2021. AnyLogic is the leading simulation modeling software for business applications, utilized worldwide by over 40% of Fortune 100 companies. More about it

Concept view of product G-Manager for biggest Russian Gas/Oil Company. B2B mobile application for administration of all processes on gas station. Creation of user centered design based on stakeholders, owners and customers interview. Usability testing for solution confirmation. CJM. Sales department. 2019

Gazprom Neft Logistics - B2B BI web service for administering and controlling gas transportation. 2018

Gazprom Neft Logistics (Terminal) - research and creating web ui kit for service. 2018

Animated page for HH Reksoft project. User Research and prepare all graphic. 2016 Link on project

reksoft pro design

Forex System. Creating new scenario in current project and develop new service with owners and stakeholders. 2016-2017

Gazpromneft – B2C mobile app. Marketing bonus system for clients of gas stations. Creating user-centered designs based on business requirements, and user feedback. Usability testing for solution confirmation. CJM. 2018

Financial Companies. Banks. Information systems and new services for the banking sector. User Flows. CJM. Ui Kit. 2016- 2019

Concept view for mobile application, web, illustrated art and other. Working with GUI and User Flows. 2013 - 2016

Reksoft Nika Awards. Special contribution to the development of the company's business. 2018

Opinion in Press about main trand of Design 2020 Link on

Master Class Course. AnyLogic simulation system software, imitation modelling in AnyLogic 8. 2020

Self project. macovka.ru 2016

Journal article on tutdesign Link on

For more Information kirgintcev@gmail.com